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Frequently Asked Questions

Let us know if we can answer any questions you may have about our services and speaking opportunities by visiting the Contact Us page. See a list of the most frequently asked questions below.

  • As Christian Speakers, what are you main topics and who is your audience?
    Our passion is to encourage women and provide applicable tools that they can use. We speak to churches and Christian women's groups on a variety of Biblical topics as well as women's issues. One of our most popular talks is on Friendship. We are also Bible study teachers and authors, so we speak at church events and retreats, as well as hold our own Bible studies.

  • Do you speak on Business topics for women?
    Yes, we teach and train women on how to become entrepreneurs to start their own business. We also hold training seminars on a variety of topics including social media and websites.

  • Can anyone participate in your Bible studies?
    The in-person Bible studies tend to be for "women only" but most all of our studies are videotaped, so men and women alike can join them and participate.

  • Do you charge for your services in Media 4 Women?
    Yes, but our goal is to be affordable yet effective in our services. We have different packages to choose from but we also customize the services based upon the client needs. We work with all types of businesses and all sizes. We can provide everything from websites to videos to social media to marketing plans to SEO. Let us know if you want a Free Consultation.

  • What is your Radio Program and can I listen to it?
    Our radio show is called The Way 4 Today and is broadcast out of San Diego every Sunday at 10am PST. It is archived at and on iTunes, just search The Way 4 Today in the Podcast section.

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