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Saturday, August 03 2013

We have some amazing news coming out in a couple of weeks regarding Bobbye & Tonilee and our ministry, Daily Disciples. We are super excited to share the new updates with all of you, so be on the lookout for new videos, blogs, social media and press releases about the future. Fun and exciting times ahead! Will talk soon, Bobbye & Tonilee

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Saturday, March 30 2013

Well, I am not posting pictures right now but I do want to quickly write what’s been going on this past week. Our Bible study group has been participating in Holy Week. Holy Week starts on Palm Sunday but Monday through Thursday, we have been learning and experiencing what happened the week before Jesus was resurrected.

Monday night, we had a foot washing service. I can tell you that if I would have announced what the night was about prior to the women coming…I do not think many women would have attended! It was an experience. It was not as uncomfortable performing the foot washing for me as telling the women about it.

Tuesday night, we discussed the difference between Peter and Judas. The teaching time was very lively and I ran out of time. We also participated in Communion together.

Tonight, I finished up the teaching from last night. It led into the questions between Once Saved always Saved or Can you lose your salvation? We covered a lot of verses and had wonderful discussions. Then, we defined and talked about the history of Holy Week. One of the gals asked if this week was necessary today? Because the message of the Gospel was orally passed down for years, it is amazing to see how well the stories have been preserved. I also like how closely Lenten is to the Scriptures. We closed out by stating the 7 statements from the Cross and ending with IT IS FINISHED in total darkness. Each women left in silence! It was again, an experience more than a teaching. I am looking forward to hearing what the women thought of the night’s service.

Tomorrow’s teaching…”Why the Cross?” And then two of our girls are getting baptized. One gal just came to Christ at the Conference. The other gal was baptized as a baby and would like to make the confession of her faith public now.

Any questions? I would love to hear from you or your thoughts about the week.


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Saturday, March 16 2013

It’s been one week since the Power of Friendship Conference. Every day since the conference, I have thought about writing a blog and every day my thoughts have been scattered and I have been tired.

Doing this event every year is like preparing for a wedding. However, there is no honeymoon and there are evaluation cards. Thankfully, the evaluations were wonderful. But we do the event to honor God not man. Was God pleased? Well, we had at least 45 first time commitments to Christ and hundreds of women came to the front to recommit their lives to the Lord’s will for them.

During the day, we highlighted two ministries to bring awareness, potential volunteers and financial support. We collected $4030 which was divided in half and given to each ministry.

I think this was the first year that immediately after this event both Bobbye and I both agreed to do the event again next year. We met with KPRZ’s team yesterday and they too agreed that they want to be our partner again for next year.

Please hear me because I really need to say a few things from “the behind the scenes” perspective to help those who step out. If you step out in obedience to God, the calling tends to affect others– not only you. As a result, the very task you were asked to do through the Spirit of God can cause huge disappointments and even confusion and frustration to you.

Why? Well, it’s like being a friend of God. Abraham did not realize he was a friend of God. Others told us like Isaiah and James, not Abraham. If anything, Abraham struggled with God’s ways like with the timing of Isaac’s birth and the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah. Moses was called a faithful servant of God. He spent a lot of time with the Lord but it was about reverence and obedience, not really friendship.

Today, Jesus calls us friends. We are friends with God but that does not mean that the work of God seems very friendly in our lives at times. We love the Lord so we want to serve Him but serving Him can bring confusion, hurt, disappointment and tears. Many times, those emotions are generated by the very people you stepped out in obedience and faith to help. There were some friends of ours who could not come that day. It hurt. There were some members of our team who wanted more from us than we could give. That hurt.

I am saying…just because you know what God wants of you does not mean that He has given that revelation to others. We need to be obedient to God and leave the results to Him. We will stand before the Lord alone some day. We need to make sure we are living to please Him alone too.

Thank you to all who attended. Thank you to June Hunt and Ron Walters who traveled very far to be with us that day. June, you were wonderful. Thank you to KPRZ, Leah Gowin, Deanna Ramsay, Crimson Bridge and your honesty…Carol LeBeau. Thank you to all the wonderful volunteers. We could not have done it without you! And thank You Lord for giving us the strength, courage and tangible fruit as an encouragement to continue in doing this work.  In Jesus name alone, we pray…we hope… and we move on.

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Tuesday, March 05 2013

Every year, the conference stories are amazing that I am surprised to be surprised by them again. This year, I have answered our secondary line a lot so I have had the privilege of hearing the testimonies from previous years first hand.

A woman called in to buy 5 tickets for the Power of Friendship Conference and told me how the previous conferences created long lasting friendships for her. She then told me this amazing story that 3 years ago she had attended the conference. At that conference, we were promoting a retreat at Forest Home the following month. The woman said to me that she was going through a horrible divorce and did not have the money to attend but definitely had the desire! So she walked to the retreat table in the lobby and said to the volunteer, “I want to go but I cannot afford it.” The stranger standing next to her said, “How much can you afford?”

The stranger paid half for this woman’s registration to attend the retreat and they roomed together. Now 3 years later, this same woman I am on the phone with  is buying her friend’s ticket to attend this year”s conference.

I have heard so many amazing stories about friendships developing, ministries beginning and people changing as a result of these conferences. I have to also say that if it was not for these stories, we would have stopped doing these conferences years ago. The road is truly narrow and our flesh is truly weak.

Bobbye and I would appreciate your prayers if you cannot attend and we are more than willing to help anyone in need who want to attend. How else will you find long lasting friendships if you do not step out to meet new people?

I have met many of you now over the phone. Thank you for being you! You are all so kind and wonderful. Can’t wait to meet you this Saturday and connect the voice with the face!

And we do not have a retreat set up for this year. I am welcoming suggestions before Saturday if you have any.

Tonilee Adamson

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Friday, February 22 2013

I read a great blog the other day from a guy that is an App Game “guru”. He’s a young entrepreneur who has become very successful and has figured out how to make a great living doing what he loves and having others do what he hates. I am re-posting part of his blog. His name is Trey Smith. He lives in La Jolla, CA and I have been following his stuff for awhile. Tonilee and I have also seen him speak in person. He’s a cool, laid back “dude” but makes some great points in his blog. I hope you enjoy it! Don’t forget me to join me on Saturday, February 23rd for my next seminar. I will be showing you HOW to do these things he is talking about. Check it out HERE.

Here is Trey’s blog post:


Now, this is a hard one to grasp. At first it seems IMPOSSIBLE, and honestly, it would have been impossible 10 years ago. If not impossible it would have been extremely expensive, but thanks to our good friends Odesk, Elance, Guru and Freelancer, it’s now super cheap to UNLOAD weight from your shoulders.

Here’s the thing that’s kinda crazy. Most likely what you hate doing does NOT make you money.

For example, here are things I can’t stand doing in order:

- Paying bills

- Answering emails

- Handling finances and taxes

- Putting things in my iphone calendar (ashamed to admit this one)

- Phone appointments

Here’s what I now do instead:

- Paying bills (Have a PO box setup and also a voice mailbox. My assistant handles it all, no bills come to me and they call her when have an issue.)

- Answering emails (Killed my email as you can see here. Best decision ever.)

- Handling finances and taxes (Have a bookkeeper now, you can hire someone on odesk for SUPER CHEAP and give them limited access to bank account to start doing quickbooks. Secure and simple.)

- Putting things in my iphone calendar (I know, this is crazy, but I email any appointments I have to my assistant, Natalie, who then logs into icloud and puts it on my phone with a 15 minute and 1 hour reminder. I send one email and it just happens, amazing!)

- Phone appointments (I thought this would be a hard one to get out of, but I figured out a super easy way to handle it. Now Natalie also does all my phone appointments for me. If there is something she can’t answer, then she gets all the info and gets with me to learn that part of the business. Now she rarely has to ask me anything.)

If you hate making websites, then you will never build a good website business if that is your job. If you hate programming, then you’ll never build a successful game when your job is being the coder. My job is now to come up with ideas and think about where to grow the business. Both of those things happen to dramatically add to the bottom line and you’ll find typically the stuff you WANT to do will make you the most money.


Think about this… What if instead of thinking about how to grow my businesses every day I was paying bills, entering finances into quickbooks, doing phone calls, answering emails and answering emails. Would my business grow effectively? Would I make as more or less money? Definitely less. Absolutely no question.

Not only would it eat up my time, it would eat up my SOUL too. Here’s what I mean. To make a business successful, you have to do something different than the competition. You must have a competitive advantage. If you do exactly what everyone else is doing then your business will be average. Your average business will have average results. This might be good enough for some, but if you want an above average business with above average income, you have to start thinking and building your company in above average ways.

Typically this means you are willing to either out work or out think the competition. The only way this can happen is if you are truly addicted to your business and free to think. If you are counting the hours until you can leave your business, then you are a slave to it and it is eating your soul. To reverse said soul eating process you don’t need to read some black magic spells from a book, you just need quit doing things that suck. If you’ve successfully outsourced everything that you hate, then your job is not a job anymore, now it’s a pleasurable experience 24 hours a day that you can focus on building and making more money with.


Let’s take it up a notch… if you DON’T outsource the things you can’t stand, it can ruin your business.

Case in point:

I always had a good credit score, but hated paying bills. When I made the move from Georgia to California I really screwed up big time. Not because of money issues, but because of slackness issues. I forgot to pay a few things and my 750 beacon shot down to 580. Bad timing as I was investing in a new startup and was supposed to secure the American Express card we would use and got turned down. You can imagine how that looked! After paying a ton of money to get my credit fixed and outsourcing bill paying, I was back on track in 8 months, but it was a VERY close call and an embarrassment for me in the start-up.

If you force yourself to do things you don’t like, you will not only stunt the growth of your business, you will slowly kill it. To build something amazing, you have to have undying passion and love for what you are doing.


First off remember, you are outsourcing what holds you back in your life, NOT just what you don’t like about work. For example, me outsourcing bills was not just work related.

With any task you think about outsourcing there are two parts. Level of dislike and time it takes. You might have something that is a 5/10 on the dislike scale but it takes 20 hours a week. This would be something that is definitely worth outsourcing if possible, because it takes up such a vast amount of time. If something is a 10/10 on the dislike scale then it needs to be outsourced immediately as these are the “business killers”.

Here’s a quick exercise to help you decide which items to outsource first:

Make a list of the top 5 things you can’t stand doing in your business.
Rate them on a scale of 1-10 on how much you can’t stand it. 10 being the highest.
If any are a “10″, then figure out how to outsource those immediately. They are business killers (like bills with me!)
Next to the rating, write down how many hours per week you spend on this task.
Now add up the ratings and the hours for each task.
Focus on figuring out the biggest numbers first.

If you find yourself getting overwelmed or stressed out, then typically it’s because you are wearing too many hats. You’re doing too much and not focusing on the things that REALLY matter.

Remember, the most important thing in any business is traffic and conversions. That is what makes the most money regardless if you own a hardware store or an app company. Focus on your marketing and build out a plan that will help you grow over the next two years and think about how to hire people (on a budget) to help you do remedial tasks that drive you nuts!”

There is one thing I have learned in being an entrepreneur…DO NOT QUIT…KEEP GOING! Can I help? Email me for a Free Consultation.

Bobbye Brooks

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Saturday, January 19 2013

Today on our radio program (, Tonilee and I interviewed the CEO of, the world’s largest online employer. It was a very cool and amazing opportunity to speak with Gary Swart and hear his story. currently has over 1.2 million contractors across the world. Basically, there is nothing you cannot do in business today. The resources are astounding, from your own call center to a personal assistant to an app developer…all handled online.

2013 should be your break out year for success and prosperity. I know it’s time to see goals achieved and dreams realized. Are you ready? Media 4 Women is ready and making big plans. But, as we plan our goals for the new year, we also continue our mission to help others as entrepreneurs. Teaching, training and providing tools and resources to help those who want to be their own boss and control their own financial destiny are the motivations behind our services. From websites to social media to online marketing, the Internet is the future of most every type of business. Love it or hate it…we cannot escape it.

I’m kicking off the new year with a new seminar on Saturday, January 26th. The details are at The most important thing I have learned in working online is to not quit, keep at it and the rewards will come.

Here are my top 5 tips for online and social media success:

  1. Think about and plan what you want to communicate; what you do; your mission; your services; etc
  2. Engage and communicate authentically. Be real. Be honest. Be genuine.
  3. Select your social media sites and use them consistently. Build relationships and develop trust with your audience by staying in touch with quality information on the same sites.
  4. Promote others’ businesses, organizations, events, etc. Be selfless and willing to network without being competitive. The returns in the long run are greater.
  5. Use the Internet and social media for good. Be positive in your communication and establish a solid quality reputation. Negativity and criticism should be avoided in online and social media postings. Choose your words wisely.

Make it a great year in 2013! Let us know if we can help.

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