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Hi! Welcome to our website!

Thanks for checking out our information and for spending a few moments looking around. This website will give you access to our TV Show, our Podcasts, our current Events and Bible Studies, as well as full access to years of archives of Videos, Pictures, and Radio Shows. We hope you enjoy the content and that you will find hope, encouragement, and a renewed faith to beleive that "all things are possible with God." We would love to "Connect" with you in the mission of helping women change their lives in a wonderful and positive way, with never ending opportunities. Learn more About Us, our businesses and organizations and we welcome your feedback, comments and questions through the Contact page.

Media 4 Women

Media 4 Women was founded in 2009 with a focus to help women start their own business and/or find innovative, effective strategies to grow an existing business. Media 4 Women provides a full range of Marketing and Media services from website design and development to video production to social media training to radio/television production to any type of marketing campaign strategies.

Bobbye & Tonilee Unplugged

Bobbye and Tonilee Unplugged, hosted by Bobbye Brooks and Tonilee Adamson, is a fun, informative, real-life talk show, as a global broadcast, tv show, on demand, radio, podcast and video platforms. They are on a mission to help women find hope, healing, and a new head start on LIFE. "Bobbye & Tonilee UnPlugged Podcast" is brazenly honest, authentically hilarious, and takes a stand for equality for all of us imperfect people. Let's Get Real...Un-Plug from the noise and Plug-In to "Bobbye and Tonilee" conversations.

Daily Disciples

Daily Disciples Ministries, founded in 2003, is a nonprofit organization providing Christian resources from Bible studies to daily devotionals to women's events across the world. Bobbye and Tonilee host and speak at women's events, have a television program called "Bobbye and Tonilee Unplugged" and teach a weekly Bible study. Visit for more information.

Events and Media

Bobbye and Tonilee are passionate speakers with a mission to help women change their world for the better. Bobbye and Tonilee have been speaking to women across the world since 2001. They have expanded globally through developing several companies and business entities as entrepreneurs and consultants. They are multimedia and marketing experts, having a long-time history of producing events, conferences, Bible studies, and numerous social media. "Bobbye and Tonilee Unplugged" is a worldwide television, radio, and on demand program, featured on over 100 streaming platforms and cable networks.  They encourage, inspire and empower women with the message and the tools to help women change their world for the better. Based in San Diego, CA, Tonilee Adamson and Bobbye Brooks can be reached via email at or call 800-992-0369.